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Dog Loose? They hunt! Stop, Drop and lie

Have you ever had a dog to escape your arms or your car or home? What is the first thing you do? If you are like most people, chasing after them. You run and you run. It seems almo ...

stopdropliedownHave you ever had a dog to escape your arms or your car or home? What is the first thing you do? If you are like most people, chasing after them. You run and you run. It seems almost instinctively, is not it?

I have come to believe that it really takes Instinct, when we go to our dogs in the China. This is not just something we do when our own pets are, but what do we do when the dog from a friend in the house, or if you see a stray dog ​​running on the street or on the road. There are even showing a police chase last video a dog on a highway in Tianjin. They have even had the chance to catch it. It was a losing proposition.

The problem with our first instinct (hunting) is that we rarely closer. In fact, the more we run, the more they run, and in most cases they are run harder and faster. It must be scary enough to see a lot of people chasing you. (! Heck, it’s scary, a man and a bunch of people chasing you I would run! His) I can not imagine probably stop and ask a dog, “Is this person wants to hurt me?” No, “she probably thinking, “I’m in danger. I have to run! ”

The truth, it is quite difficult to go against the instinct to chase a loose dog can be, but you really have to learn to do, because if we hunt, we risk ourselves and the animal loose in the danger bet.

Last week, a dog was lost forever lost when a good Samaritan came to the rescue. The person who is just trying to help. They saw a lost dog and wanted them to be reunited with their owners, but what the hunt, they put Marty in more danger and unfortunately he was struck and killed by a car. I can not imagine how the person who must have felt for him myself. It is expected to do a good deed and end up feeling like they did the opposite. I feel bad for families Marty and the Good Samaritan. As Marty person can be executed knows what would happen? He / she did was instinctive.

But what is instinctively that’s most likely the dog out of danger.

There are many things I’ve learned while working at our local animal shelter, but the most useful of the advice we were on how to loose a dog once she slipped her leash or received necklace. I thought it might be helpful to them here in the hope that it will be a family and keep good Samaritan to the pain, which share with Marty feel. (Please note: This may not work with all dogs, but they are working with many.)

What happens if a dog stands:
Stop, Drop and sentences – It may sound silly, but the dogs find the strange behavior. If you do not enter the hunt, and instead to lie and lie again, a dog will get curious and come back often to see if you agree or to see what you do.
Stop, drop and roll into a ball – This is a strange behavior for a dog. Because you do not move and hands wrapped tightly around the head, you see as less threatening and they will come to see you. This gives them a chance to smell and recognize that it will allow you, the owner, or to send you to pet them and seize their collars.
Run in the opposite direction – What? Flee the dog? That’s it. Some dogs love a good hunt. Instead of chasing, let them hunt. Even if the dog is not for a good hunt, he may be curious about your strange behavior and follow along until you get him into a building or car, or in a place where it encircle easier.
Sit with your back or side and wait for the dog – Here are dogs from this strange behavior and be thrown curious and approach. The other advantage is that, by dealing with the side or from behind them, and they seem less threatening and they are more likely to approach. If you have treated well, put some of you to approach them.
Opening a car door and ask the dog if it wants to go for a ride – It almost seems too simple and stupid to be true, but many dog ​​was asked by hopping in the car, because they have to go duped a round. It makes sense, especially if the dog has learned to associate the car with good things (eg dog park).
While it is not guaranteed, I can tell you that I almost all of them work with one of our shelter dogs to see. The key is to fight the instinct to chase the dog and do something that is not so instinctively. Instead, do what seems counter-intuitive for you and the dog.

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