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How to prevent dog excessive fat

As many parents now indulge dog, canine obesity has gradually showed a rising trend of obesity are serious health problems such harm dog’s health, for your family dog can slim flexible enough to ensure the health Please be sure to pay attention to strengthening the control, then how to prevent dog fat, how to lose weight after fat dog yet. The following method is very effective.

Snacks control

Prepare special snack bowl, measure out the day’s snack daily amount, not increased.

If it is not in training, it is best not to frequent snacking dog.

Do not always choose high-calorie snack of cheese, offal, chicken and vegetables can choose rods.

Snacks will be some pigment purchased, you can try yourself to do dog snacks, ingredients and heat can also be a pretty good idea.

Heat control

Select nutritionally balanced dog food is very important to see the various ingredients and heat meters on the package when buying.

Not because the dog had been begging to give it something to eat.

Do not give the dog to eat sweet snacks, not lead to tooth decay and obesity.

Dog food meal in moderation, do not let the dog to develop the habit of eating

Health campaign

Walking time will increase by 20 minutes a day.

Increase the number of outings.

Teach the dog tour game and play several times a day to accompany it.

Under the conditions permit, once a day for about 15 minutes before going to bed to increase walking.

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