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How To Train A Dog To Sleep In His Dog Bed

1. When, why and how?
I have not Herschel when he was a puppy. He had two years ago when he added, and had never used a dog bed in your life. He loved to sleep in my bed, which was good at first, because there is not much room, but sometimes the mud had on my bed and followed a mess otherwise. It is also a restless sleep, which does not help me at all because I had a restless sleep.
It soon became clear that it was time to buy his own bed seemed really clear to me that both could benefit if it refers to a resting place. I was not too quick with my dog bed making, and it actually took about a week to choose from.
In the end I had a rectangular shape memory foam bed with raised edges, because he loves to cuddle during sleep and also cools fairly easily. Memory foam allows the heat, and let it provides additional coverage that is always good. But to the Herschel oh miracle dog bed immediately. The three following sections explain what we spent in our study.
2. Cotton Proof
My mother is a dog groomer dog and the occasional show-lovers, so I asked for advice on this. She told me that the actual bed smell was very important, it was logical. Herschel is sniffing (the second in a pizza box in the house of his nose starts to work on, even if it works every pizza) was always so unfortunate that previously unattainable but common sense to me sometimes when I think small.
I rubbed my hands on the edge of the bed and decided to have some fun I rolled around in a few times myself! Once the bed smelled enough for me, I was ready, proceed to step three. (I should note that most experts recommend that your perfume seems certain that the whole family is in the dog bed. I live alone, so it does not matter to me, but you should know.)
3. Final corruption
At that time, Herschel was not very interested in your bed Scent seemed for a moment to enjoy, but beyond that seemed to strike your fancy. I took his favorite toy (an old tennis ball can not live without her), belt (all else likes to have around), and the cover on the bed and he really got into the bed and sat there for a few minutes before the jump. I told him rewarded with a snack and a stroll around the neighborhood sniffing fave. It happened, but he was not yet ready for bed
4. Practise
At least two times a day do I repeat Herschel in dog bed with dog toys and leash to the movement for the idea in his head. As he sat on the bed, praise and reward. He gave me an excuse to treat an additional dog is something that I love to do, but for the time Herschel actually something I approve reserved. Looking for a fun, does not count.
He also made sure to use the word “bed” to find their new bed. I present here is that you never have to discipline your dog, not bed-he’ll can sleep when you’re ready. Herschel took about two weeks, I understand is long compared to most dogs. He is stubborn and resistant to change, the owner, after all. Finally the day came when he curled and settled comfortably. I parked on the floor with him and took a nap for ten minutes. Was at that time. I do not need to convince him to sleep in his bed at the end of the night, saw his new cave found.
This is just my personal history. I read that many people actually spend more time on the floor beside the bed, but that does not seem like a major issue for Herschel. My dog has taken more than some, because he is not trained as a puppy, but he learned all the same. It includes the word “bed” and loved to sleep.
Although the basis of the training are the same bed, each dog is different. Do not get frustrated and not discipline your dog in the formation of the bed as you can imagine, you will sleep well in their own personal space for the rest of his life.