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How To Train Pet Dog Stand

Let pet dog squat learn not only improve its flexibility, fun, but also can improve its obedience. Standard legs and buttocks squatting is the ground, the front legs off the ground, the body upright, eyes always watching owner. You want your dog to hear your password, or see your gesture will make squatting movements stand it? Quickly follow the following methods to train it!
Dog squat stand there instabilities, especially prone to stand up after squatting tamper problems in command. Therefore, the requirements squat stand up after the dog obviously still process and then be rewarded. In addition, pulling the dog collar should be directed to the horizontal direction.
Training goal: to learn pet dog squat.
Training equipment: chains, food, toys.
Training steps:
① the chain tied to the pet dog’s neck, it is easier to control its actions, then let pet dog to sit.
② standing behind a pet dog, pet dogs caught gently pull the chain, snapping it back with your legs, but held onto the neck of a pet dog, issued a “squat” password.
③ If the pet dog appeared scared, irritability and other emotional or behavioral resistance can be a hand on it, one hand touching, patting to appease it.
④ Then, gradually reduce the strength of the anchor and support until no hand, it can also stand himself.
⑤ When a pet dog can give to reward yourself immediately squat, after repeated training, try to unlock and extend the leash standing time.
At the beginning of training, the owner of the pet dog to be looked preoccupied, as long as one has a pet dog “squatting” in action, we should immediately give dog bed or food reward. Assisted with the leash pet dog squat immediately, the owner must prevent the pet dog to make the right moves, because the leash to relax, and stop or change action. So to repeated training, learn pet dog after initial squat stand at the back of the train, you can later give toy reward, so you can gradually extend the time pet dog squat. If you do not squat pet dog, pet owners can pull along dog leash squat angle, forcing pet dogs to make moves, when the pet dog stand to end the pull, and rewards. Owners can also take advantage of a corner, stairs and other favorable terrain, to help training. Let pet dog as close to the corner to sit down, then pull the leash pet dog squatting make up, and make it back against the wall, issued a “squat” order. Pet dogs do right after the action, the owner must promptly give verbal encouragement and reward toys and dog bed.