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How To Use Silent Dog Whistle Training

Remember that the Japanese film ” silent dog whistle” it? The magic flute that people given ear imperceptible but was able to clearly hear the ultrasonic dog, they can ...

Remember that the Japanese film ” silent dog whistle” it? The magic flute that people given ear imperceptible but was able to clearly hear the ultrasonic dog, they can become not say that the secret between you and the dog.

silent dog whistle
Only dogs understand
Light winds soon be sitting, long blow soon be summoned, if you look at the first whistle dog training, they will feel not hear any sound, how the dog will mock train began to move out? In fact, this is where the mystery of the dog whistle: the dog’s ear sensitivity is very strong, the use of ultra-high-frequency generator dog whistle signal (5.4KHz-12.8KHz), sounds like you are a little boo, but the dog Que Shibi whistles bigger voice heard, that dogs can hear, but the human ear was almost inaudible. Morse code is like a dog whistle, you follow the training methods dog whistle to blow, and the dog will be able to give you the appropriate action, different pitch, length, different ways of playing the flute, like the movies where my put you ever yelled at the dog’s training language into argot, to convert what you say into a signal to the dog foul language, familiar with the dog when the dog whistle of training, the dog will not have to worry about lost, is not afraid of people with ulterior motives to destroy harmony between you and your dog.
Dog whistle, password, gestures, reward Sarkozy
Human voice easily spread, so long-distance call to the dog often can not play a role, but the dog whistle decibels can directly stimulate the dog’s hearing, the coverage within 1 km, and some can even reach the dog whistle is about two kilometers. Like clicker as aids when the dog whistle is dog training, the types, the effect will be different. With the dog whistle when you train, if the dog to the sound cognitive, then heard the dog itself will exist decibel subconscious reactions. Dog training process flute slower than normal mode, because usually with a password to go with the gesture, when ordinary skill training, and at the beginning of training the dog whistle, in addition to the normal mode of training, but also to the dog whistle frequency into one So with the use of incentives is especially important, issue a command every dog ​​whistle, as long as the dog can perform, they should be rewarded. You want it to sit down with the beat while blowing the dog whistle, irritation, pulling the straps, etc., after the dog to sit, praise or reward as soon as it is small snacks. It should be noted that each person using the dog whistle will blow a different frequency, then the time to instruct the dog in a command, it appears there may be a loss of face, so the dog whistle training targeted relatively strong, often only suitable for one person between a dog, but not suited for professional training.

Silent dog whistle Training Tips
1, the volume and frequency after a good tune, familiar with your dog training methods and command passwords piper, dog whistle password should match the initial training, gestures performed together, a lot of training in the use of reward mechanisms.
2, the password to use for the opportunity, but also just right the first time to stop, do not blindly mechanical password, the password should be used to prohibit and praise when work is prohibited password should also be properly tapped, touch.
3. adapt dog after dog whistle can be issued directly by the dog whistle commands, to not just use gestures, the dog will know what to do.